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Aria Aftab Farvardin Company was registered in 2012 with the aim of providing consulting, implementation and training services in the fields of maintenance and repairs and monitoring the status of industries. The main activity of this company has been focused on monitoring the condition of gas turbines. The condition monitoring product of this company under the VIBTRONIX brand and in cooperation with TURBOTEC Co. has been installed and operated on more than twenty turbines in power plants and gas pressure boosting stations.

The product of this company has been patented in the Intellectual Property Organization of Iran. Currently, this company is being evaluated for registration as a knowledge-based company.

One of the goals of this company is to monitor the status of rotating machines in the power plant, refinery, mining, water and waste water and metal industries. Another goal of this company is to implement the Internet of Things system in the field of monitoring rotating machines for condition monitoring and preventive troubleshooting.

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